Testimonial 1 – Richard

First let me say that these guys are awesome! Shipping was quick, packing was excellent,the doll I received was the exact same as pictured(clothes were not the same but knew that going in).
They answered my emailed questions before I purchased,during shipping and after I purchased the doll. I have to give them props on their customer service. Not to mention they have the lowest priced dolls +free shipping. I would highly recommend buying from this website.
The doll I purchased was perfect. Very real and lifelike,had zero defects and was really a piece of artwork. The skins is soft to the touch. It can pose in any position a real woman can(some they can’t :-). Once unboxed I cleaned (very important) the doll with warm water and light bath soap. After towel drying we used baby powder to make the skin super smooth. Cleaning is a little of a chore because it is 80lbs to move around but fun too. Witch means moving her around(positions)in a bed might be a little work. Dolls joints holds positions well. Ok the good stuff. Breast are soft and have a nice jiggle, butt cheeks are firm and soft ,just very nice is all I can say. Vag is real looking and feeling no complaints. The face is pretty and lips are soft and full. Everything about the doll is high quality.
This is the same doll I have seen at other places for 2-3 times the price. This is me and my wife’s first doll. We got it to spice up our 18 year marriage and to live out some threesome and girl on girl fantasies. Great way to get you both to giggle like you were new to each other again. Guys don’t be afraid to talk to your other about getting one, women are more curious than you think . My wife was touching it before I could lol..This doll is going to be a lot of fun:-)
– Richard From Florida

Testimonial 2 – Brian

The dolls look exactly how it looks in the photos!

Of course the photos also have a lot of lighting and background effects, but the look is on-point. The bust was also larger than I was expecting with the one I got, but I was pleasantly surprised. The doll fits under my mattress frame too which is about 23″ of clearance underneath. I kept the foam padding she came in so it was easier to move her over carpet without damaging the doll. Owning one could be taboo for some folks, so planning around storage and privacy are two good steps before swinging for one (but don’t compromise the doll’s integrity and just stash her anywhere!).

I was hesitant at first to purchase from here after reading some forums about quality control, but they delivered five stars on this point. It’s hard to believe it was fairly affordable compared to how expensive a similar unit could be from other retailers. Not to mention the fact it came within a week. Most retailers would have a turnaround time of 4-6 weeks.

Packaging was discrete, and well handled by UPS. The only downside here is you have less customization of some features, but if you leave a comment to the seller I’m sure they’ll be able to accommodate certain preferences (wig color, eye color).

If this is your first purchase, I think going with SexDollZen is a good call. It seems pricey at first but the product is equivalent to a more expensive doll and might have even come from overstock to be honest. If you’re inexperienced with any sort of adult products though, I would advise gearing up to it with smaller, and easier to maintain products. The doll is so lifelike… it feels weird to just leave her around.
– Brian From Tennessee

Testimonial 3 – Frank

I was on the fence for a long time about buying a doll, especially when I would see them selling for $1200+ after a lot of searching I came across this one for half the price. At that price point I had low expectations but if I didn’t like it at least I didn’t lose as much money. When it came in and I started putting her together my first thought was wow this is heavy, second thought was wow I feel silly with this thing. After putting on the wig and sitting her up I realized that this looked better than I expected. It differently looks great. I am in ‘monk mode’ and I am obtaining from women for a while and this is a great companion. I get a little bit of the dopamine and other hormones from lying next to it so its pretty nice having around. It’s obviously not a replacement for the real thing but it nice to have. I wish I did more research on maintenance before ordering as I had to buy many other things to help maintain her, I want her to last a long time so I didn’t mind doing it. Shipping estimated maybe a week or so. All around good experience. You will not regret this!
– Frank From Missouri

Testimonial 4 – Ivan

After quite some time watching the dolls here, the price came to within my budget. I purchased Veronica based on the reviews and by how pretty she is shown. I have had her now for one month and waited so I may give an accurate review. She is a very, very attractive purchase. I purchased her more for the company than the obvious. Being married twice and now living alone, she is relaxing to hold when trying to sleep. She is heavy as everyone says. You will get a minor workout giving her a bath, although it is somewhat erotic and enjoyable to dress her in some sexy clothing as well as powder her body . I keep my home relatively cool ( 65 degrees) in the winter, so I purchased a heating blanket to keep her warm and cuddly. Get her some jewelry , some nice perfume and some sexy outfits and enjoy her company. She is what you decide to make of her. I would definitely recommend buying from SexDollZen.
– Ivan From Texas


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