About Us

About Us

Sex Doll Zen was established in 2016 to provide the best and highest quality sex dolls to all of our customers. It is our mission to provide the best, highest quality, most beautiful, and and most entertaining dolls available. Our prices are well below the market and we take pride in being based in the USA. Our company has clients all over the world and we truly appreciate all the positive reviews about our product. The most common reviews we hear from our customers is “This is exactly what I’ve been looking for the whole time!” Well, I guess we are doing something right!

We founded Sex Doll Zen in 2016 in order to bring high-quality, world-class sex dolls to our customers worldwide, which are looking for an extraordinary sexual experience. We are a fresh, new company combined with years of experience in the sex industry and are committed to quality and customer satisfaction. This means that we combine both innovation and experience and are extremely adaptive and responsive to our customer needs.

Why Should You Shop at Sex Doll Zen?

Unlike many other companies, we are committed to our customers; your satisfaction with our products is our primary goal. We aim to build a long-term, highly satisfied customer base that will continue their relationship with our company. How do we do that? We listen. Your feedback is crucial in ensuring you have the best customer experience with us as possible. This includes not only providing products of the best quality possible but at the best price possible as well. We have a worldwide distribution system that we have developed to be reliable, responsive, and economical. Our products come highly recommended and we depend on our customers to spread the word and refer us to others. We would rather have one repeat customer than ten customers who only use us once.

If this is the first time you have thought about buying a love doll, you have definitely come to the right place. Not only do we understand that this is an incredibly private decision to make but also can help you select the sex doll that is perfect for your own individual taste and personal needs. If you feel a little nervous about selecting your first doll, let us help with your choice. We have the experience and the belief in our dolls to make your selection easier and we look forward to helping you begin with this exciting new part of your personal life. Our user-friendly website is specifically designed to provide you with detailed descriptions and essential information to make this a hassle-free, enjoyable shopping experience.

If this is not your first experience and you are searching for something to enrich your present experience, you have definitely made the right choice. We understand that variety is the spice of life, and our products, with an extensive range of high quality love dolls, prove this. Our customers often comment at how lifelike and individual our dolls are and on the range of choices there are in our catalog. In addition, our sex dolls are all made with natural and safe materials, which also makes them feel almost like the ‘real’ thing. Our attention to detail to produce excellence helps us ensure continued customer satisfaction. We haven’t stopped with our present catalog -we are constantly expanding our collection and adding new products in response to customers’ needs.

Our shopping experience is user friendly and informative, but more importantly, it is secure. Our website is safeguarded with SSL (secure socket layer) encryption, which is the highest level of internet protection. Our commitment to your safety and security doesn’t stop there. Whether you use a major credit card or PayPal to make a purchase, we stand by our commitment to never share or sell your information to a third party. We are absolutely discreet in all areas, including the delivery of your product, which will always look like a normal package without any indication of what the contents are.

So What Sets Sex Doll Zen Apart from Other Companies?

One reason is that we have the best customer service in the industry. Our representatives are at your disposal 24/7 every day of the year, and are happy to answer any question or help with any situation you may have in a friendly, competent, and timely manner. We are also very proud of being a U.S. based company with customers all over the world who continue to give us positive feedback about our service and products. If all this sounds too good to be true, do not take our word for it; shop around and see if you can get better prices, quality or service elsewhere. We are confident that you won’t find anyone better. We are a company that listens and is committed to improving your present day and long-term sex life. From selection to security to quick, secure, and discreet shipping and delivery to superior customer service, we are here to serve all your needs.

You, the customer, are the reason we are here. We wouldn’t exist without you, and we never forget that. We are constantly striving to offer you value and the highest satisfaction rate possible. Please feel free at any time to contact us with any feedback for us on new products you would like to see or ways we could make our business better. We are always looking for changes we could make to ensure a better experience for our customers. We look forward to building a strong and long-lasting relationship with you and thank you for your business!


We are always looking to expand our selection and will be adding more products as the market dictates. Please feel free to provide any feedback to our company about products we could add and things we could do better!

Privacy and Security

Confidentiality and privacy is our absolute top priority. All of our data is SSL secured and all of our clients’ information is secured, private, and encrypted. All of our orders are shipped discreetly and our packages don’t stand out in any way. We take great lengths to create a secure and private experience for all of our customers and clients.

Complete Discretion and Respect For Our Customers

We do not merely pay lip service to the concept of discretion and privacy. When you place an order with Sex Doll Zen, you can count on us to treat you with complete respect and the utmost consideration for your personal data. We do not store your data except insofar as tax reporting and account maintenance is concerned. We will never discuss your purchase with us. Your product will arrive discreetly Ext and in nondescript packaging. We never disclose what someone has purchased from us, or even that they have been customers with our site. We were very alarmed recently, for example, when something of a political flap emerged concerning a famous porn star and criticism she received from a young man who knew her in real life and “outed” her. In response, a porn company who had this young man as a customer “outed” him in retaliation. We thought that was a gross violation of the unspoken and explicit contract that exists between a service provider and its customers. We want you to know that we would never do something like that, for any reason. We will never reveal that you shopped with us, and you may enjoy your Sex Doll Zen product in complete confidence and privacy without ever worrying that anyone knows you bought something from our company.

A Willingness To Answer Your Questions

We understand that, even though our prices for high-quality sex dolls are very, very low, the money we ask for our incredible products is still not an insignificant amount. It is understandable that before or after your purchase, you may have questions about the product. We are happy to answer these questions for you. We are especially happy to walk you through the process of selecting and purchasing your Sex Doll Zen life sex doll because we know how incredibly personal something like this is. When you select a girl from among our offerings, you are basically choosing a sexual companion who will spend quite a bit of time with you. This is a very intimate choice. It is one that you want to make correctly, and we would be delighted to give you as much assistance as possible in making your choice correctly. We want you to be very happy with your purchase. When you uncrate your Sex Doll Zen girl, we want the smile on your face to be from ear to ear. We will always go the extra mile for our customers, and all you have to do is contact us for more information.

A Commitment to Continuous Improvement

While we are very proud of our products and we realize that we offer a great value for the price asked, we are never satisfied with “good enough” or even with “better.” We want everything we do, and every product we offer, to be truly great. We are therefore committed to a process of continuous improvement, through which we incorporate your questions, criticisms, feedback, and our own testing and reviews in order to upgrade our products and the service through which we offer and sell them. Whenever we can identify an area of possible improvement, we do so, and whenever we can find a better way of doing things, we implement that. If you think there is a way we could better serve your needs, or if you identify something about one of our products that you wish was different (even if it’s just an option in which you’re interested that we don’t yet offer), please do contact us. Especially where options are concerned, the more feedback we get from customers, the better we can determine what options we should be offering for our products in order to best serve our market. In other words, we can’t give you what you want most if we don’t know you want it, so if we haven’t already thought of it, we are happy to have you inform us. Just contact us through the site with your question, concern, feedback, or request. We will not always be able to answer directly to every query, but we read them all and we take them all into consideration.

Fast, Efficient Order Processing and Customer Service

Nothing is worse than the feeling of waiting, waiting, waiting for something you want, something you are eagerly anticipating, that seems to be taking forever to arrive! It’s like Christmas morning when you’re a kid: It seems to take forever for that most anticipated day to arrive, and then when it does, it is sometimes a let-down, even if it was great while it lasted. Well, we will make sure you never experience that disappointment, and we further understand the torture that is waiting for your new toy to arrive. That is why we always make sure to streamline our order placing and order processing as much as possible. When you order from us, the procedure for doing so is as efficient as we can make it, and we will be sure to process your order and ship your new lady friend to you as quickly as we possibly can. We make use of the full array of shipping services, too. If you have questions about ordering, shipping, order processing, or even payment options, please take the time to contact us and we will be sure to address all of these. Our commitment to customer service begins and ends with your satisfaction. You are the gauge of our performance, and if you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy.

Premium Quality at an Affordable Price

Every Sex Doll Zen product represents a quantum leap forward in price versus quality. Where once the products we offer cost thousands of dollars, you can now own a very realistic sex doll for your personal enjoyment and gratification for only a fraction of what you might once have paid. We do not sacrifice quality for these incredible prices, either. You are getting a marvelous product that you will be proud to own and that will give you a very long service life.